Frequently Asked Questions

When will my print be delivered?

Direct Mail

What this covers: orders placed using the Direct Mail – Hand Delivered and Direct Mail – Posted templates.

Schedule: Direct mail orders are batched together every week.

Deadlines: Order by 5pm on Wednesday, and your direct mail will drop 12-14 days later on Monday – Wednesday (if posted) or be delivered to your CLP within 2 weeks (if for hand delivery).

See the full 2018-19 direct mail order and delivery schedule.

You can find more information about how Campaign Creator orders are fulfilled by clicking here. 

Download the Campaign Resources Brochure for a PDF of all these turnaround times and Campaign Creator prices. 

Campaign Creator print orders are printed together in batches. This allows us to group together orders from local Labour parties across the country, getting a better deal on print prices than if you were negotiating with a printer on your own.

Before you place a print order on Campaign Creator, you should work out when you want it delivered to your CLP. Then you should work back from that deadline to see when you need to place your order.

What this covers: orders for calling cards, newsletters, election addresses, flyers, posters, correx boards and most other standard print orders.

Schedule: Print orders made on Campaign Creator are batched together every week.

Deadlines: Place your order on Campaign Creator by 5pm every Wednesday - the next deadline is shown at the top of the Campaign Creator homepage.  Your print will then be delivered to you within 2 weeks.

See the full 2018-19 print order and delivery schedule.

What this covers: orders placed using 4pp and 8pp tabloid templates.

Schedule: Tabloid orders are batched together every week.

Deadlines: Order by 5pm on Wednesday, and your order will be delivered by a week on Friday.

See the full 2018-19 tabloid order and delivery schedule.