Planning Your Print

Print can be a large portion of spend in your campaign, as well as being a logistical challenge. Whether it is for all year round or a short campaign, early planning and decision making will allow for effective allocation of funds.

Crucially a print plan allows you to map out regular and consistent communications to voters from your local party over a specific period of time.

A print plan allows you to plan out your key deadlines including:

  • Artwork and sign off deadlines
  • Data and payment deadlines
  • Delivery deadlines

Think about the type of print you would like to send out, how your area looks, and the resources available to you. For example, if you have a lot of  rural postcodes you might benefit from using a door drop service, or if you have lots of volunteers on the ground hand delivered direct mail might be an effective option. 

Remember that repetition is key to getting the message through

By planning to make sure local residents get multiple communications with consistent branding over the course of a year, you are more likely to cut through and be noticed as an active campaigning local party.

A good way to produce your print plan is via a GAANT chart on Microsoft Excel or a similar programme. You can start by collating all of the print you would like to produce throughout the year and when you would like it to hit the voter; then you can work backwards from this, using print deadlines on Labour Connects as a guide for production/delivery. This helps you to also think about what stories and images you need in advance – as well as the time  it takes to design it.

You can also use the costings on Labour Connects to allow you to estimate the budget needed for print through the year.

Download an example of a yearly print plan here.

This sort of plan works for long and short term, local elections and even in a General Election. (Just remember to add in your Freepost!)

If you have any questions, or would like some advice on how to plan your print please get in touch.